For 12 years, at the bottom of the world, AIME has been developing a mentoring model that bridges the divide between university students and high school kids who are being left behind, ending education inequality for thousands of those kids.
We have been working with Australia’s Indigenous young people – the most disadvantaged kids in our country and partnering them with university student volunteers in a structured mentoring program.
Since 2005 we have witnessed extraordinary results.
Such is the impact of AIME that many times during the course of the program’s lifespan, AIME students have transitioned from high school into university, employment and further training at the same rate or better than other cohorts of students from the same age groups.
Mentoring in and of itself is not a new phenomenon, but what AIME has managed to do is bring a spark and energy to the whole experience, which has not been seen before.
Since day one, we have been testing the program model and have proven that it works extremely well in different contexts and locations across our country.
5,000 university students have been through the program in Australia, making it the biggest volunteer movement of its kind in our history. Benefits for our mentors have been well documented in independent research that has cited leadership building, professional experience, attitudinal change and unique learning opportunities, as some of advantages of mentoring with AIME.
For the kids, put simply, the program changes their lives. They come to us with low expectations for their future, many not wanting to finish high school.  They leave the program having increased their self-esteem and self-worth and with greater confidence.  They are hungry to complete their education and step into significantly stronger futures.  Again independent research has verified that the AIME Program closes the educational gap and, most importantly, sends kids into the world on an equal footing with the rest of the population.
We create a new narrative that changes the kids’ psychological perceptions around identity, so they no longer associate their background with being destined to fail, but rather see it as a reason to succeed.

In 2005 AIME commenced with a Year 9 program for 25 kids, 25 mentors, 1 school and 1 partner university. In 2016 AIME grew to 6686 mentees, 2255 mentors, 340 schools and 18 university partners.  See more of our amazing journey in our latest annual report.

Golden Ticket Competition

On June 7, 2017 AIME launched its Global Competition that will be open to young people around the world who are between the ages of 18-30, and preferably either studying for a degree or are a university graduate.  But if you haven’t studied at uni and believe you can make this happen, we want to hear from you too.

To apply head here and the competition will close Feb 28, 2018.

This magical film brought our story to life. We created it in collaboration with M&C Saatchi, Sydney and Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and hope it inspires others to join us in changing the way the world works. See Youtube version here.

10 winners will be selected to take part in this once in lifetime opportunity to utilise our mentoring model and replicate in their own country, what we have achieved in Australia.  They will be supported by AIME for 3-years on their journey towards ending education inequality by unlocking the magic of learning for a generation of kids that are being left behind.

They will do this with the financial and infrastructure support of their university and university student volunteers, our educational heroes and mentors, who will be pushing and striving to give the marginalized kids they’ll be working with, the chance to see their potential reached.

Over the course of the Global campaign, in each of the countries where the program is taking place, we will track progression and completion rates of the kids, exactly as we have done in Australia.  At the same time encouraging independent researchers to track the qualitative impact that AIME is having on their lives and the communities they call home.  We will also look at how involvement in the program changes the lives of the volunteer mentors.

Outcomes of the competition


  • 10 competition winners.
  • 10 AIME international university partners.


  •  At least 100 kids and 100 university students engaged in the program each year.
  • Closing the education gap in high school completions and transitions to university, employment or training for the chosen group of students compared to the national average for educational outcomes.
  • By year three, each program has its own operating budget and can run independently without any further funding support from AIME.
  • A new narrative of success is being shared on social and mainstream media.
  • Interest from other universities in picking up the program.
  • Golden Ticket winners have enjoyed the experience and are inspired to keep pushing for the creation of a fairer country.
  • Outstanding results that eclipse what AIME’s founder achieved by the third year of the program in Australia.


  • Over 10,000 university students, graduates or alumni from across the world want to run an AIME program.


  • At the end of the three-year campaign, it is proven that the AIME model ends inequality.
  • International recommendations that all universities should build the mentoring of disadvantaged high school students into their DNA.


  • A rich research and storytelling platform has been developed, capturing tales from across the globe in a simple format that others can learn from.

Ideal scenario for Golden Ticket Winners

Winners will run AIME in their own country, as Jack our founder did in Australia. The first challenge is to work with their university to obtain a financial and strategic commitment. The university will employ them, just as Jack was employed by The University of Sydney before AIME incorporated. The second challenge will be signing on their first school.

AIME will match the university commitment of $70K(AUS) per year for three years, over the course of the competition, and do this in the following ways:

  • Australian Training Experiences $15,000
  • Mentoring & Support from AIME’s CEO $15,000
  • Program content development $15,000
  • Mentor Toolkit $10,000
  • Systems & Licenses $2,000
  • Shipping $5,000
  • Staff support $8,000

Golden Ticket winners will have the content, the tools, the coaches and mentors and all the AIME magic they need to bring the program to life. Over the 3 years, winners will be mentored by our founder and CEO and will travel to Sydney for specialized training.

At the end of the competition if winners have successfully delivered the program, brought it to life over the 3 years and achieved outstanding results, they have the chance to secure a licence and become the CEO of AIME in their country.

If you have any questions you may find them in our FAQ or you can get in touch here.