CEO and Founder

Jack is the CEO & Founder of AIME, an award winning company which has produced groundbreaking results through the simple tool of mentoring. He founded the organisation in 2005 as a 19 year old and has since grown it's reach and impact all around the globe.

Current projects that are underway include growing AIME to different nations, working on a longer campaign to make mentoring normal globally, and growing AIME TV, a TV show where mentors speak truth, into a global educational resource for anyone working with 12-18 year olds.

The facts & about AIME 

We've got a story of change that has lit up Australia for 13 years, and is now working across the world. It's a simple idea, mentoring. We are about to announce the countries where we will be heading to through a recently launched global campaign that will run for 3 years.

  • It’s a proven model to end inequality and bring the powerful & powerless together.
  • The vision? A world where mentoring is something we all do. Where it's normal & we bring those left behind with us.
  • What? Model of mentoring that connects universities to the most disadvantaged high school kids.

  • Data driven, research backed, proven impact. Kids in the program close the educational gap with their mainstream peers then transition through to uni, employment and training at the same rate. Historical data in Australia shows 40% of Indigenous people aged 18-25 are in uni, employment or training. The non-Indigenous average is 75% for the same cohort. AIME students have achieved between 73-78% for the last 6+ years. We've closed the educational gap.

  • 15,000 Indigenous kids in Australia ripped out of educational inequality.  

  • 5,000 uni student mentors across Australia, the biggest volunteer movement of uni students in Australian history.

  • We work in 40 different regions in Australia and we're about to introduce the model to 4+ countries globally

  • Scalable, cheap, impactful and got an energy like very few organisations you will come across.

Throughout the site you will find other endorsements and resources that help illuminate the impact. Such as:

  1. Business leaders and university leaders back home signed an open letter to university leaders across the world endorsing our model to create fast, scalable change for disadvantaged kids & grow the leadership skills of university students who act as mentors in our program.

  2. Here's a 2 minute animated film that paints a picture of what AIME does.

  3. To get a good sense of it, watch the classroom interview with 25 participants from different walks of life over the last 12 years (20 minutes of viewing time) or check out the other one on one interviews.



  • 2016 - Youngest Person in Australian History to receive an Honorary Doctorate, University of South Australia
  • 2016 - Honorary Fellowship Western Sydney University 
  • 2014 - MJ Bale Man of Character
  • 2013 - Happy Harold Education Award 
  • 2013 - Stanford Association Dyson Bequest Scholarship
  • 2010 - University of Sydney Young Alumni of the year
  • 2010 - NSW Young Australian of the Year
  • 2010 - GQ Man of Inspiration
  • 2010 - Australian Human Rights Medal


  • 2016 - BRW 12th Best Place to work in Asia
  • 2015 - Google Impact Challenge
  • 2015 - BRW 9th Best Place to work in Australia


  • 2013 - Stanford Executive Program
  • 2006 - BA Media and Communications, University of Sydney

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