To mitigate the risk and ensure the kids, our mentors, and staff are as safe as possible, here's what we do:

  • All staff and mentors complete working with children checks and are not allowed to connect with kids without them
  • All contact in the program happens when an AIME staff member and teacher is present. There is no one on one contact outside the program, and no exchange of contact details between mentors and mentees.
  • All of our staff and university students sign a contract which highlights child protection procedures and their responsibility.We train our university mentors and staff in a variety of formats.
  • In the event that an incident occurs we have a simple process:
  1. Mentees/mentors report it to staff members on the ground
  2. Staff member on the ground reports it to people and performance. Together they manage the procedure from there.
  3. Schools are then notified who follow up with their own child protection process.
  4. A risk incident is recorded upon completion and reported to the AIME audit & risk committee