Round 1 Golden Ticket applications have officially closed. But we still have 7 spots available!

To fill these we are accepting enquiries directly from University partners. If you are a Golden Ticket Hopeful you still have time to convince your University to make an enquiry below. Convince them to seriously consider funding the program.

If you are a University checkout the info pack and get in touch. We will continue processing applications throughout August and winners will be announced later in the year.

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As the Global Competition moves to the next stage our CEO & Founder Jack Manning Bancroft caught up with Jeff McMullen & reflected on failures, love, popeye spinach, a global dream, and the road we've all built together

Open Letter to Global Universities

This letter is from Australia and the leaders undersigned, to give universities across the world the chance to walk with us and take our proven solution to beat inequality around the world.

It’s not every day that an idea that can change the world comes across your desk. Today we wanted to share one we’ve kept secret in Australia for the last 12 years. We’ve found a solution to ending inequality for the most disadvantaged kids.

In our nation, those kids are the children of the first sunrise, our Indigenous young people. Many of us across the globe have population groups who have landed on the wrong side of history and experience dispossession and discrimination, which has manifested itself into what seems like an irreversible reality.

Twelve years ago, a small group of university students set about reversing the reality for our Indigenous kids, and creating a new story, a tale of Indigenous success, of educational equality.

The AIME Classroom

Award-winning journalist and human rights campaigner, Jeff McMullen got together with a group of AIME mentors and alumni to chat about their experiences with the program and what they gained from it.