We are looking to prove that globally we have a model to end inequality.

We have three major investment opportunities:

1) The first is our Theatre of Education, which we believe has the capacity to be the spine for mentoring organisations, schools and non-profits across the globe. In the same way that Khan Academy has provided a modern spine for the classroom.

We can be the media channel for kids across the globe desperate for hope and a way forward out of poverty.

We are exploring global partners that would be interested in backing an established, 13 year old model, and seeing if we can digitise and scale the magic that has helped rip one of the most disadvantaged populaces in the western world, out of inequality.

2) The second major investment opportunity is to scale AIME to international contexts

The model is so simple in it's essence, a mentoring program that bridges the divide between university and the most disadvantaged high school kids. Between the haves and the have nots.

We want to see every university in the world become a service institution where mentoring is mandated so young students go back and work with the most disadvantaged kids in their region, thus creating fairer ecosystems and a fairer world.

3) The third is scaling the AIME program in Australia to a point where we've ended Indigenous educational inequality for such a broad demographic that it becomes inevitable the gap will be closed in a lifetime.